Apartments Near University of Delaware

No matter the subject, location is everything. When you are running a business, you want to be sure your storefront is visible and that you are close to other businesses to help bring in customers. When you are planting crops, you want to be sure your seeds are in an ideal spot to receive adequate sunlight and water. Looking for an apartment requires a similar type of consideration. You need to be able to thrive. Ensuring a short commute to work and getting the most out of your education means finding apartments near the University of Delaware.

Working and studying at the University of Delaware means you’ve got big shoes to fill. The first class in the mid-1700s included three students who are so pivotal, their names are on the Declaration of Independence. Other alumni include a Tony Award–winning choreographer, a Nobel Prize–winning scientist, and a former United States Vice President. This research-centric university is always buzzing with activity, and to stand out as a student or a faculty member means being involved.


Easy Commute to Campus

Korman Residential at The Villas in New Castle is a short 12-minute (8.9 miles) drive from the school, making it easy to pop into a research lab on short notice, get in on a study session, or be part of a last-minute meeting. Academic responsibilities aside, the university also offers an incredible number of social opportunities. Spending two hours on a roundtrip commute hardly makes a brief exhibit, lunch date, or other engagement as enjoyable as it should be.

Incredible Apartment Amenities

Living close to campus also means that after spending a long day at the school, it won’t take you long to get back home, off your feet, and enjoying exceptional amenities. Korman Residential at The Villas offers a saltwater swimming pool that is perfect for starting or ending the day on a high note. The property is a convenient distance from campus, but it’s not so close as to infiltrate your downtime. Another bonus is that the Villas sits right next door to 85 acres of wooded parkland. Living adjacent to Lewden Greene Park means you can easily leave work or school behind whenever you need time to decompress.

Private balconies and patios, controlled-access entrances, on-site laundry, ample closet space, and a salt-water swimming pool are just a few of the great reasons to live at The Villas. We’re also pet-friendly and close to public transportation, I-95, and Wilmington Airport. But given how much time you spend at the University of Delaware, the community’s proximity to the UD campus is certainly a major draw.

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